Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Beautiful Murals


Artist Misael Lopez has been recognized as a primer mural painter in Vallarta. His large murals adorn walls and buildings around town along with 50 commissions in peoples homes. My sister has commissioned him to create a mural at her home. We visited Misael's studio yesterday were we were able to see some of his personal work.

I never realized spray paint came in this many colors.

A few of his murals around town

My sister's mural will have a day of the dead theme something like this one. Hers will have butterflies, humming birds, flowers and iguanas.


Around Town

For father's day we had diner at the ever popular Joe Jacks.

It was the delicious beer battered fish and chips all around, except for David. He was thumbs up for his favorite, pulpo (octopus)

A tour of my sister's two bedroom home here in Vallarta.

Holes in the walls front to back.

 Just her little slice of paradise


Traveling Again

 The silver lining to Covid was spending time with my family. Spending 9 months with my granddaughters was priceless. I did survive second grade and Emma is now a very enthusiastic third grader. 

I have flown to Puerto Vallarta where my sister lives. The flight was uneventful, no one had a tantrum over wearing their mask. We leave July 2nd to spend a month in Costa Rica. I enjoy slow travel,  spending time immersing myself in the culture. 

Customs was busy. 

First stop, Pepe's for the best tacos in Vallarta