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Yellowstone was America’s first national park. It covers an area of 3,400 sq miles and is home to more than 500 geysers. It is centered of the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest super volcano on the north American continent. Considered dormant today, it has erupted several times in the last 2 million years. Today the stunning landscape and many geothermal features are home to a vast array of flora and fauna. 

Tower Falls

Paint pots

Grand Prismatic Spring

Waiting for Old Faithful 

Thar she blows

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Buffalo are licking salt out of the dried up pool

Mammoth Hot Springs

Grizzly bears and

wolfs at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone

Buffalo jam on the way home. 
He sauntered down the road for 10 minutes before getting off

Lunch at the Buffalo Bar in West Yellowstone


Museum of Wildlife Art

The Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson is the nation's only museum dedicated solely to wildlife art, representing wild animals from around the world.

Alexander Proctor - Buffalo 1911

Edward Kemeys - Panther and Cubs 1878

Charles Russel - To the Victor Belong the Spoils  1901

They have an engaging area for the kids

Also entertainment in the exhibits

Robert Kuhn - Silent as the Snow 1979

Steve Kestrel - Silent Messenger  2005
Most of Steve's work celebrates the flora and fauna, but here he mourns  the destruction and degradation of ecosystems world wide

Wilhelm Kuhnert - Elephants  1917

John Nieto - Rabbit 1984

Al Weiwei - Tiger 2018

Tiger was created with legos

John Nieto - Coyote 1993

Harriet Frishmuth - Diana 1922

Me having fun

I do not know what animals these are

Got my art fix

Fossil Butte National Monument

 52 million years ago a large lake covered parts of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Today it is loaded with fish fossils and other aquatic animals. The Fossil Butte N. M. has a fantastic presentation of these fossils.

A diorama show how early paleontologists recovered the fossils

Today the process is the same, but with power tools 

Sting Ray


Revealing the hidden gems

You can watch close up on the TV

One nice gator fossil

Bird fossil

Very interesting display. 
Press one of the fossils in the foreground and an animated live fish will swim across the screen

Turtles & turtles ......