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Museum of Wildlife Art

The Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson is the nation's only museum dedicated solely to wildlife art, representing wild animals from around the world.

Alexander Proctor - Buffalo 1911

Edward Kemeys - Panther and Cubs 1878

Charles Russel - To the Victor Belong the Spoils  1901

They have an engaging area for the kids

Also entertainment in the exhibits

Robert Kuhn - Silent as the Snow 1979

Steve Kestrel - Silent Messenger  2005
Most of Steve's work celebrates the flora and fauna, but here he mourns  the destruction and degradation of ecosystems world wide

Wilhelm Kuhnert - Elephants  1917

John Nieto - Rabbit 1984

Al Weiwei - Tiger 2018

Tiger was created with legos

John Nieto - Coyote 1993

Harriet Frishmuth - Diana 1922

Me having fun

I do not know what animals these are

Got my art fix

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