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Medical Hiatus

 The last week in April I become short of breath and could not walk a mile without being exhausted and panting for oxygen.  I went to the ER in Page, AZ the following week. They said my blood panel looked good and there was no reason to stop traveling. Two weeks later, not feeing better, I went to the ER in Kanab, UT. They did a chest X-ray. I had a lung infection and fluid in my chest cavity. They prescribed meds. A week later I went to the ER in Panguitch for a follow up. Another X-ray showed that the infection was gone, but the fluid was still there. It also showed nodules in my lung and my trachea. They told me the fluid needed to be drained and that I should go home for treatment. Arriving back in San Jose after a two days marathon drive, I went into the ER. After tests and an X-ray, they drained the fluid, 1,700 ml.

Looks gross, but lab tests showed nothing nasty.

There was immediate relief. Got home and took a walk. No shortness of breath.  The remaining time has been spent getting an appointment with a Pulmonary specialist and more X-rays .  He did a Bronchoscopy to check out the Nodules. Happy to report they were benign. 

Met with my Pulmonary specialist Tuesday and he gave me a clean bill of health. I am good to travel.

Heading East to Colorado.