Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Paul's 75th

We celebrated Paul's 75th birthday in great style.  Linda hosted a wonderful diner and a good time was had by one and all.

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,
 Happy birthday dear Paul


Beach Life

We all went for an hour cruise around the harbor looking for dolphins and to see the sights.

The gangs all here

Paul is explaining navigation markers to Patricia.

The dolphins like to play the tanker's bow wave.

Great end to a great day


Boat Fresh Shrimp

Word rapidly spread through Port Aransas that the shrimp boat would be in Wednesday with fresh caught shrimp. Right on time the Polly Anna docked as the locals lined up with their coolers. Word is the captain fishes sporadicly. Everyone in town watches the black board to see when he will selling fresh shrimp.

Linda gets her 3 pounds, $18.


Getting our exercise walking the mile long jetty.

Duane, Linda, Bill and Paul head out. 

Midway rest.

The original concrete jetty built in 1940 is badly deteriorated and breached in several locations. Recently it was strengthened with large granite blocks. I don't think there is any granite in Texas, it must have been imported. 

It must have been quite a storm to toss this V8 engine and
transom up here. 

Bill, Paul and I finished the Jetty Death March.

Now for the one mile return.


O' the Sun, That Wonderful Yellow Thermal Ball

What a difference 630 miles makes. Temperature up by 40 degrees with blue skies. Beach camping in Port Aransas, TX (27.824286, -97.057135). $12 for the annual parking pass. There is three day limit that is not enforced during the winter. There are only a dozen or so rigs and miles of beach.

Phil settling in for a nice paddle

Paul enjoying the warm day

The shipping channel for
Corpus Christi is nearby.

Last night was the 18th Dine Around for Port Aransas. 20 restaurants particpated. We threw in the towel after number 11. Some hits and a couple of real misses. Never order pizza in Port Aransas. Costco make better. 

Trout Street Bar & Grill served a very nice Cajun Gumbo

Bernies Beach House
Bernies plied us with a tasty French Dip and
Clam Chowder

Everyone thought the Cray Cajun's ribs merited
a return visit

Meatballs with a beef reduction demi glaze at the
Black Marlin bar & Gill were savory.


The Kings Palace

The brutal cold snap continues.

Today we took the ranger lead tour of the magnificent area of Carlsbad Caverns called the Kings Palace. It is called this because of all the magnificent/magical formations. The 56 degree caverns will feel down right balmy.

Arlene, Paul, and Linda.

Headed into the Kings Palace
What a magnificent room
Arlene checking out all the beautiful formations.

I really love the draperies.



It's so cold! We are in Carlsbad, NM at the SKP Ranch. (32.637872, -104.382921)


Alamogordo, NM

Todays outing,  the International Space Hall of Fame.

Dwaine checking out the space station mock-up

Next to the Trinity Site model, Paul explains to Arlene how
an atom bomb works.

Linda and Arlene inspecting a Apollo fuel cell.

Paul through a rocket nozzle
Ending the day with lively game of Mexican Train