Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Repairs and Beautification Continue

Prepped for paint

Looking good

A little long in the tooth

Ahhhh  :-)

I had to pull the dash so I could get this non functioning switch out. I needed the part number so I could maybe find a new one. 

Looks like it overheated.  WOW I was able to find the same switch online. Isn't the web great.

Condensation inside a sealed beam headlight. How did that happen????

The repainted motorcycle is ready to go. 

I even painted the spare tire.

I am getting hitch itch. I think I will try and get things back together by next week and head out to Death Valley. I am a native Californian and I have never been there. 


Big Six O

Flying back to New Hampshire for Linda's birthday party.

There must be a great boondocking spot down there.

First time I have seen the fabled New England fall color. It is truly beautiful.


A great time was had by all. Happy Birthday Linda.


Pomona RV Show

Kicked some tires at the show today. There are a lot of nice rigs out there, but none that I like better than Serenity. Being a boondocker at heart, I am always drawn to off road rigs.

The Alpha

Where can this bad boy go? Anywhere it wants!


Spartan, but very livable.

Bringing back a classic

This is the 1935 Bowlus Road Chief at the RV Hall of Fame. Hawley Bowlus, a famous sailplane builder, turned his attention to travel trailers in 1934, building a couple of hundred. Today, less than 50 remain. In 1936 Wally Byam morphed Hawley's design into the iconic Airstream.

78 years later the Road Chief is back, tricked out with all the modern appointments. Each unit is customized to the buyer's preferences.

My main reason for going was to get some ideas of how to redo Serenity's window valances. They were trimmed out in the same material as the couch that I am having recovered in tan ultra leather. The valances need an upgrade.

I like this one.

I wish I was still taking adult wood shop. I could make some nice wood valances.

I did buy these nifty bag sealers, Grip Stic. They will take up less space than the bag clips I have now. Conservation of space is a major RV axiom. 

Fold the bag over and slide the clip on, sealed.


Little of This and That

Finished painting the motorcycle rack. Now if I can just remember how to put it back together.

The aluminum mirror mounts got that white corrosion that forms under the paint causing it to bubble up. I cleaned up the affected areas with my dremel tool and painted the bare aluminum with a primer. 

Serenity is all protected from over spray. I will paint early tomorrow when there is no wind.

The lack of molding to cover up the screw heads around all the windows has always bugged me. It's just  sloppy work.  

Now they have a more finished look. :)



A skunk has been living under my sister's house. After making sure he was out, I installed a new screen on the crawl space entrance.

Checking for fit. I had to tweak the metal flange a little

Good old construction adhesive. How did we ever build anything without it.

Pepe Le Pew begone. 

Another beatification project. The motorcycle carrier all sanded and ready for paint.

I spent the rest of the day becoming more and more frustrated trying to install the driver for my Street Atlas's GPS unit. Even the great technical support at Delorme could not figure it out. 


Maintenance and Beautification

I am visiting with my sister in West Covina, CA. Having a good time catching up. Also doing some maintenance.

I am having the couch recovered in ultra leather and some tears in the captains chairs repaired. I am going to the Pomona RV Show next week to kick tires and get some ideas for new window treatments.