Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Got Solar

I was referred to a terrific solar installer in Yuma, AZ, Starlight Solar. I got two 260 panels, Blue Sky controller and monitor. Larry runs a top notch operation and the installation was impeccable. Clean, neat, all wires shielded, double aircraft nut on the panel mounts.

Jim walking me through the install he just finished 

Larry programing the monitor.

Solar $2,500

Not hearing the generator PRICELESS

The Great Excursion

I love the freedom and flexibility of RVing. It is so easy to change your plans when a great opportunity presents its self.  And one has. I am now headed east with a small group of WINs that I met at the Thanksgiving gathering in Borrego Springs, CA. We are going to traverse the southern US, eating all that good Bar-B-Que and gulf coast seafood. February we will be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Then up the East Coat, more seafood, to the Canadian Maritime Provinces by June. Then west across Canada. This will be a great trip with some wonderful people. 


Creatures Ancient, Contemporary, and Whimsical

Dennis Avery was a self-made man who happened to have been an heir to the Avery Label fortune. He moved to Borrego Springs in 1990 where he raised his family. In 2007 he commissioned artist Ricardo Brecceda to create 131 metal sculptures that are placed around the town. Many of these sculptures are creatures that roamed this valley millions of years ago, some are people of note, and others are imaginary creatures of pure whimsy. (more info)


Slot Canyon Hike

 limbo time

All sedimentary layers are deposited horizontally. Its a geology thing. Think about what this rock went through to bend all the thin black layers.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Diner for 70 and what a feast it was. 

  All the trimmings including dessert.

I am thankful for a loving family and good friends.


Graniteback Rattle Snake

We took a morning hike and found a really large rattlesnake.

A really stoned snake.

Spent the evening playing black jack. Lost $2. All in all a very nice day.


Headed for WIN Gathering

Stopped at Wynola Pizza and Bistro for lunch. A nice find.

I had the Thai Chicken, peanut sauce, nut topping, chicken, green onions, bean sprouts, carrots, mozzarella cheese & cilantro. Very good. 

Headed down into the desert again.

There are 131 animal scluptures around Borego Springs. 

The WIN gathering near Barego Springs. (33.29591, -116.29809)

Social time.


Heading West

Nice spot east of Yuma (32.72878, -113.75224)

Breakfast at Goldsboro Bakery in Yuma. (map)  I only had the sticky bun and cinnamon roll today. Both very tasty. 

Heading up out of the desert

Headed for Thousand Trails Oakzanita Springs Preserve. (32.88642, -116.57425) Dumping the holding tanks and filling the fresh water tank in preparation for boondocking with the WINs. 


The Big City

Got some shopping to do. Off to the Gilbert Apple store. My drive only has 2.8 GB free space and I am getting all kinds of rude message.

Genius Rachel is checking my drive. She is just back from training in Cupertino. She is really sharp. Conclusion, my best move is to transfer my photo library, 54 GB, to an external drive.  

New 500 GB G drive. Look at this little guy. The 5 KB drive for my Apple IIe was the size a cigar box. I now have 54 GB of free disk space so my programs will run more smoothly. 

New basket from World Market. The bottom dropped out of my old magazine holder.

Then off to another Triple D eatery.

Very nice dining al fresco

I had the Fontina Burger w/ onion rings. Natural beef patty, roasted red pepper, grilled mushrooms, 
field greens, farm-made pecan pesto and fontina. Guy nailed this one.


Looking for the Warm

It froze the last two nights camped above Stafford. Headed for lower elevations.

You know you are getting lower, warmer, when the iconic desert symbol makes an appearance. 

The Saguaro cactus is found in southern Arizona and northern Mexico below 4000 ft.

Globe, AZ is and old old mining town. Mining started with a silver strike, but soon turned to copper mining which continues today. A huge mine and the tailing tower over the town. 

Tucked in for the night at Oak Flat Campground. (33.30933, -111.04853)  It is much warmer here. I am getting back to T- shirt and shorts weather.