Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Wine Country

I am visiting with my brother Don and his lovely wife Ann. Wine country, my brother is a vintner and I don't drink. My loss.

My brother's house peeking out of the pines. Vines all around.

My morning walk through the vines. Spring is popping.


The Apple World

I accompanied my son over to the apple store to pick up my new MacBook. His discount saved me sales tax and smidgen more.

A model of the new Apple campus. 

When you hold up an iPad you see a picture from that perspective.

This is as close as I could get to the saucer. Apple employees that work in other building have to be invited before they can enter. No exceptions

Alas, my son works in another building; so no tour today. Maybe next time.


Fun Family Time

Visiting with my favorite granddaughters. These two wonderful girls are in pre-school and first grade.

Saturday morning donut run.

The frosting is the best part

I have to clean up what?

Rachel (left) is a wicked domino player.