Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Fremont National Forest

On the way I passed this interesting vandal resistant marker from a pioneer's diary. What a contrast, I am traveling the same route in such comfort. I kept and eye out but did not see any more.

I found a great spot on the edge of this meadow. (42.09981, -120.19648)

Some of the local flora.

Took the Honda 90 out for a nice ride. This is beautiful country. 

Dinner, they were tasty

Today I am headed for Plush, OR.


Boondocking at Duck Lake

We awoke this morning to rain, 5 minutes of hail and snow on the mountains.

It was wet and slushy drive from Carson City to Reno. I stopped in Reno at the Dish Cafe and Catering. A Triple D recommendation. I had the Cowgirl, Tri-tip, grilled onions and goat cheese. Very nice. North of Reno it was dry roads and beautiful clouds. I am boondocked on this lovely little pond outside Westwood, CA. (40.3585, -120.9973)
I am posting on my computer using the hot spot created by my i pad. How cool is that


Headed Out

Well, all repairs are completed. Cliff has been terrific, letting me invade his home and spread my projects all over the place.
Tomorrow I head for Plush, OR

I am in search of Oregon's state gem, the Sunstone. They are crystals that formed in the cooling lava. As the lava erodes, the crystals are released. The color is determined by the amount of copper the crystal contains. Clear and light yellow crystals have very little, the highly prized red crystals have the highest concentration of copper. 


Cliff's B'day

Celebrating Cliff's birthday. We are now the same age. No, we are not telling. Tom made his Shrimp Creole. Very tasty.
L Cliff's sister Bonnie, Diane, Tom, me, Steve, Nancy

Service day - getting the hi-low beam switch fixed


Eclipse Watch

Watching the eclipse was spectacular. We drove out the Fallon, NV so we were right in the center of the path. The light did noticeably dim, but it did not get as dark as I expected.

Cliff, Diane, Tom



The new LED lights arrived today.
I am replacing all the under cabinet halogen bulbs with LEDs. They put out as much light as the halogen with almost no heat. Almost 100% efficient. And the warm white color is very pleasing to the eye
Halogen bulb

 warm white 15 LED 

LED installed


36 Inches

New jeans, size 36. I haven't been 36 inches for decades.



The eclipse, The eclipse, The eclipse is coming

I am almost at ground zero for the solar eclipse. Another old friend Tom is coming up and we will all go out to Fallon, ground zero, to observe the eclipse. The Solar Party of 2012 is on.


Electrical Gremlins

Hooray, fixed the electrical
Cost - $0
Time spent - 3 hours
Embarrassment factor - 9 out 10
Solution - connect the ground cable to the battery's negative terminal.


B'day Party

Happy Birthday
Last night Cliff's neighbors took Louse (in red) out to celebrate. She is 86 years young.

I goofed today.
I was cleaning the house batteries today and I think I shorted out the inverter. $$$$$$
I will try and talk to the manufactures tech support tomorrow.


Spring Cleaning

Every thing comes out and I am trying to throw away as much a possible. Also found ants. I have put out Terro bait. They swarmed all over it and hopefully they will be gone.


Virginia City

Virginia City, NV
It was a morning trek up the mountain today. Cliff had to make a pick up and I was along for the ride. Virginia City has many interesting building dating back to the 1800's that contain really tacky tourist stuff.

The Storey County Court House is in beautiful condition and still in use.


Day Spa

Project Day
Serenity went to the day spa. She got a oil and lube job. The rest of the day (nothing is ever simple) was spent wedding the spare tire holder with the motorcycle rack with Serenity. A Ménage à trois


Ice House Reservoir

Room with a view                       
I am at my friend Cliff's place in Carson City, NV now. Ice House Reservoir (38.83058, -120.36091) was great except all the trout were sleeping. On the way down I was looking forward to the delicious fish tacos at Freshies in South Lake Tahoe. But alas, they were not open. No trout, no fish tacos, the fish god is not smiling on me.


Pitter Patter on the Roof

Today, I had planned on heading up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains, but I woke up to this....
No reason to subject Serenity to wet roads when I do not have to.
Heading out tomorrow.