Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Boondocking at Duck Lake

We awoke this morning to rain, 5 minutes of hail and snow on the mountains.

It was wet and slushy drive from Carson City to Reno. I stopped in Reno at the Dish Cafe and Catering. A Triple D recommendation. I had the Cowgirl, Tri-tip, grilled onions and goat cheese. Very nice. North of Reno it was dry roads and beautiful clouds. I am boondocked on this lovely little pond outside Westwood, CA. (40.3585, -120.9973)
I am posting on my computer using the hot spot created by my i pad. How cool is that


  1. What a pretty spot. Are there any fish in that pond?

  2. So the ipad works for this; how is the speed? Did you go with verizon? Details?

    We're thinking of you (and jealous), Garth! A&D