Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Fort Worth Stock Yards


The three story building across the street is the Stockyards Hotel
The right side of the hotel was built in 1906-07 with offices and hotel room.
In 1913 it was expanded to its' present size

The plush lobby 

The hotel's bar.

The belt driven ceiling fans are interesting

The Fort Worth Stockyard Company was founded in 1893.
This headquarters building was built in 1902-03 
The meat packing companies Swift and Armour soon opened plants here.

There is a small, but interesting $2 museum inside.

Bobo was  2,000 pound bull that Governor John Connally declared an "Official Texas Goodwill Ambassador" to the 1964 New York World's Fair.  Jerry Cotten rode Bobo all the way from Fort Worth to New York. The news regularly broadcasted stories on the unusual pair and their travels.

Chuck wagon prep area. Beans for breakfast and beans for dinner.
The average age of the  drovers heading the cattle was 15 years.

The are a very few of the cat walks and pens remaining.

At its height, the stockyards covered 100 acres. This photo was taken in 1949. 
The stockyards remained in operation until 1986

Interesting store selling horns and all species of stuffed animals

The coliseum was constructed in 1907-08 to provide a home for the Fort Worth stock show. 

It is the birthplace of the indoor rodeo and the first live radio broadcast 
of a rodeo was transmitted here on WBAP radio in 1923

The big event. 
At 11:30 drovers drive a herd of 15 longhorn steers down Exchange Ave

Tip to tip the horns measure 10 feet. 
The larges spread on record is 11 feet.

For $10 you can sit on a bull

A fun day top off with delicious pork ribs  Risky's Bar-B-Q


Enchanted Rock

 Enchanted Rock is a small part of a huge underground rock called a batholith. More than 50 million years ago erosion uncovered part of the rock, and weathering and erosion of bedrock made the hills that you see today. Enchanted Rock is a small speck compared to the huge underground rock that spans over 100 square miles.

Enchanted Rock

Just above the tree line you can see a layer of exfoliated rock. 
Enchanted Rock continuously "sheds" its outer layers of rock as it 
contracts and expands. The result is large curved sheets of rock 
that break up and and can eventually slide down the rock

The hike up

A number of different species of lichen are found in the park.
They grow rate of 1mm per year. 

Tent camping only at the campground

Another wonderful adventure on the road.


Luckenbach TX

 Luckenbach began life as a trading post in 1849. Today the town sign states a population of 3, but, no one lives here any longer. It is now a country music venue with daily live music. a dance hall in use every weekend and a general store and bar. 

The general store has a very eclectic decor 


There was good free country music by Three Old Guys and T-Roy

License plates are everywhere


Fredricksburg TX

Fredericksburg is a city in the beautiful Texas hill country that was settled in 1846 by German immigrants. the city's German heritage is on display at the Pioneer Museum, which features settlers homesteads and artifacts. 

The White Oak one room school house. 

The Walton-Smith log cabin is built in the traditional style. 
Logs with the spaces between them filled with limestone 
and lime mortar.

The original one room cabin

After the family survived the first winter they add this second room.

The facilities 

The Arhelger bath house was one of many similar 
buildings once necessary in Fredericksburg.

Transportation of the day

The Heinrich Kammlah's front house built in 1847-1850. 
It was built in the fachwerk (half-timber) style of the their homeland.
Later it was turned into a general store and a back house 
was built for the family to live in.

The back house

A few of the many family items on display

The Fassel-Roeder house, 1874,  shows the evolution of building styles from log cabins to half-timber to all limestone construction. 

1885 music box
Descendants of the Fassel family lived in this home until 1967