Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Kick-Back Weekend

 We relaxed at the Hotel Mayo for the weekend. It is two hours south of Vallarta on a wonderful secluded beach.

Miles and miles of beach

Life is great

This is my room key

David and Becca casting a line

A great time was had  by all


Permanent Residency

My sister at the immigration office getting her permanent residency.

Submitting here paper work. 
Mexico loves paperwork

Scanning her finger prints

And finally an ID photo.
The whole process went smoothly and took 2.5 hours.



 I am back visiting my sister for a month or two. She retired here to a cute river side home. Out for a walk, I used the suspension bride nearby to go over to the islands that run down the middle of the river. 

There are statues honoring John Huston and Liz Taylor who put Vallarta on the map. My family first visited Vallarta after my mom read about the movie, Night of the Iguana, back in the sixties. Huston, Taylor and Burton all had homes here then.

Repurposing dead trees

I made my down through the islands to the malicon

Adult size rocking horses

Be the Art. 
Sculpture by Bustemante

In what century was this door installed

Pure fantasy by Bustamante