Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Dinner Out

 Neither my sister Wendy nor I are good cooks. I am basically a heat and eat guy. So for savory food we  dine out. The Red Cabbage Cafe features dishes from different states across Mexico.

Art covers the walls

Wendy had the delicious chicken mole.
 I had the not so delicious chile relleno. I will choose a different state next time.


Seen Around Town

Vallarta is a wonderful town to explore on foot.

Just ingenious. 

At home the local Target has a separate escalator to move the shopping carts to and from the second floor. At the local grocery store just one escalator moves both people and carts to the second floor.

The special wheels stick in the grooves and the cart will not roll.

Neighbor boys having fun

Out for Italian tonight

Street artist on the Malecon

Landmark church
 Parroquia de Nuestra SeƱora de Guadalupe

Indigenous dancers 

El Dia de la Calendaria commemorates the day when Mary brought Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem for the first time. The is one of the oldest celebrations in Christianity, dating back to at least the fourth century in ancient Jerusalem. 

This ultra modern yacht, theAttessa IV, is owned by Dennis Washington of Montana.
He may be visiting Vallarta or someone may have leased it from him.
The inside is just a stunning. Take a look.

Life is Great