Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Good Food, Good Company

We enjoyed one of Linda's wonderful dinners while solving local and world problems. Bob and Leandra are local and old friends of Linda. Carol is Bob's sister visiting from Main.

Bob, Leandra, Linda, me, Carol

The high today was 19 degrees. It will stand as the record high until the 4th. Wed's high is predicted to be 5 degrees.


More Snow

We are still combating winter blues with warm fires and good movies. Thankfully we have passed the winter solstice.
I plowed the drive for the first time today. I think I did OK, but spring will tell when we find out how many plants I plowed up.


Snow Let It Snow

First storm of the season.

A roaring fire and good movie help brighten the short gloomy days and long long nights.


Thanksgiving Dinner's Arrival

Post Thanksgiving report:
Not worth it.

Turkey good - cooked by Butter Ball
Apple and Pumpkin pies tolerable
Linda doctored the cranberry sauce transforming it to an edible state
Linda also made some delicious stuffing from scratch because:
Stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach dip were terrible and went into the garbage

UPS dropped off our Boston Market dinner in a box. Linda's broken foot prevents her from cooking and the thought of me cooking....... :-(

Heat and serve

Crackers and spinach dip, dinner rolls, turkey, dressing, gravy,  mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, apple and pumpkin pie. Every thing except the whip cream  


The Cruise The Cruise

Our romantic cruise through Europe.


Linda broke her foot a week before we were scheduled to depart on our cruise.

Dr. Zickle points out Linda's heal bone fracture, the dark area below her finger.

Immobilizing  the ankle with a splint.

We are spending the winter in Hancock, NH. 
First snow, didn't stick.


Family Time

Spoiler Alert - My cute adorable granddaughters. Yes, they are cuter than yours.

Go Emma

Way to go girl

Rachel and Emma helping spread mulch at the school garden.

Rachel looking for that perfect pumpkin. I had already seen a dozen a half hour ago.

Emma the decision maker; that one dad

Guess who does the heavy lifting?

Rachel finally found that perfect one.

Emma is ready to go.


Lodgepole Campground

I am spending a few frustrating days trout fishing at Lake Valley Reservoir. Not even a bite!
I got a nice secluded spot, #3, at PG and E's Lodgepole campground. $25 per night. Very quiet, only a few people here. The campground closes on the 15th at 11am. Be gone or be locked in for the winter.

39.297328   -120.59830


Helping Out

Visiting with my old friend Cliff. We have known each other since high school. Cliff usually  has a project that I can help him with. This visit it is a new dish washer.


We removed Cliff's old dish washer, measured the opening and head to Home Depot.

Out with the old
The old unit had a small leak that caused part of the flooring to come up. We dried it out and glued the piece back in place.
New unit out of the box

Back to Home Depot for an adapter to hooking up the water line. I usually figure any project requires 3-5 trips back to the store.


The replaced flooring set up over night and we begin installation. 
Wiring in the power cord

Cliff hooking up the drain

Paper towel on the floor checking for leaks.

No leaks in the water supply line. No leaks with the test wash. Cliff is good to go. Amazingly, this project took only ONE trip back to the store for one fitting.


Trona Pinnacles

The garage sale is over, Thank God. Sold some things and gave more away. It is a relief to have 50 years of stuff gone and my sister and I can move on.

Now free to scratch my hitch itch, I am heading north on 395. I have wanted to visit Trona Pinnacles for a while now and this is the trip to do it.

Nice quite spot with a nice view of the Tufa Spires

25,000 to 10,000 years ago this area was a large lake where the Tufa Spires were formed on the lake bottom by thermal vents.
This alien landscape has been the location for many movies. Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek V, and Planet of the Apes to name a few. 

As RVer's like to say, the road is an adventure, and I had yet another one. When I went to start Serenity nothing happened. The starter did not even click. I called my road side service expecting them to tell me they would not cover a tow from my remote location, but thankfully Coach Net came through. 

Pro Tow out of Ridgecrest accomplished  a difficult extraction over rough terrain without one ding to Serenity. 
Warren's Automotive has a good yelp rating, so I had them drop me there. The next morning, Thursday, Tina said they could not get to me until Monday. She then said they would take a quick look to see if they need to order any parts. Two hours later they found the relay for the starting motor was missing.

Further investigation revealed that the clip on the right side of the fuse block was detached. 

I believe this allowed the fuse panel to vibrate while traveling over the washboard road out to Trona Pinnacles. The vibrations ejected the relay. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

The relay was available locally, I mounted the fuse panel correctly and was back on the road by noon. Warren's Automotive did a great job with a quick turn around. Greatly appreciated.


Family Time

I am up in wine country visiting my brother. The best camping spot in California. Perched on a hill with a fantastic view of the vineyards.

Hors d'oeuvres on the veranda.

Oh that yard sale : We hired a professional estate sale person to set up and execute the event. She is doing all the work, so I headed north. Great call.


Everything Goes

Our parents bought our home in 1962. I was in high school and shortly moved on to college. My younger sister continued living here until her retirement this year.  If you weren't counting, thats' 53 years of stuff. Her retirement plan is to relax on the playas of Puerto Vallarta, MX. It does not include shipping the household goods to MX.  I have been helping get things ready for our mega garage sale.  All  this in LA's triple digit heat wave.


Dish Aiming

I use a portable tripod for my Directv dish. I like the tripod because sometimes the signal is blocked at the rig by trees and I can move the dish to a clear spot. I move every few days and need an expedient way to aim the dish.

First I use the app Dish Align to find the general direction I need to point the dish.

Preferred  set up option - set up the dish next to the rig where I can see the TV screen through an open window. Quick and easy

For those times when I have to set up away from the rig, I use FaceTime. I connect my computer to the net using my phones hot spot. I set up the computer where it can see the TV screen.

I then set up a Face Time connection between my computer and phone.

I can now see the signal strength bars and adjust the dish for maximum signal strength.



It Always Happens on a Friday

It is 12:30 pm Friday just south of Ashland, OR. The oil pressure gauge drops to zero. I get a sudden stomach knot and Oh )(%$(^%(&* flashes through my mind as I pull to shoulder and immediately kill the engine.
I have never broken down on a Monday or Tuesday, or been towed to a shop that was not booked weeks out.

Called Coach Net
They called back about an hour later saying they had a tow truck, but it was on another run and won't be there for 6 - 7 hours. Well I am not going anywhere.
I set up the dish to watch a little TV hoping to mask my fear that Serenity's engine my have given her all on I-5.

About 6 hours later, while hoping the tow truck will materialize any minute, Coach Net calls to tell me the tow truck has broken down and they are trying to find another tow service.
The short version - 2 am I am finally attached to a tow truck heading for Medford

I was towed to Oregon Light Truck and RV where I spent the weekend.
They were great. They are booked two weeks out, but they took a look first thing Monday morning. Clint attached a oil pressure gauge directly to the engine and to my great relief the gauge spun up 45 pounds. HOORAY, Serinity lives.

Clint installed a new oil pressure sender and all is well. I was out the door by 11:30 am with an apology for taking so long.  What a terrific shop.


Whistler Peak

Whistler's E ticket ride, do you remember them, is the gondola ride from Whistler Peak to Blackcomb Peak. In winter it allows transit between ski runs on two adjacent peaks.

Acending Whistler Peak, Whistler Village in the background.

This is going to be fun.


My sister making friends.

The E ticket ride.

Our destination, 2.7 miles away

Hard core skiers

There are two gondolas with transparent floors. We took one for our return trip. Midway we are 1,427 feet above Fitzsimmons Creek. It would be interesting if the entire floor was clear plastic .

Interested in the engineering details. click here

Whistler Mountain and Whistler Village are named for the whistling calls made by marmots that inhabit the alpine regions.