Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Dish Aiming

I use a portable tripod for my Directv dish. I like the tripod because sometimes the signal is blocked at the rig by trees and I can move the dish to a clear spot. I move every few days and need an expedient way to aim the dish.

First I use the app Dish Align to find the general direction I need to point the dish.

Preferred  set up option - set up the dish next to the rig where I can see the TV screen through an open window. Quick and easy

For those times when I have to set up away from the rig, I use FaceTime. I connect my computer to the net using my phones hot spot. I set up the computer where it can see the TV screen.

I then set up a Face Time connection between my computer and phone.

I can now see the signal strength bars and adjust the dish for maximum signal strength.



  1. What a great idea! Way better that relying on someone shouting instructions out the window!

    To get aimed "in the ballpark" I use You find your location and pick your satellite from the drop down list and it shows the path to the satellite on Google Maps with all the relevant elevation and skew data. It is then a simple matter to make final adjustments using the TV screen.

    1. Yes, I forgot to include the first step. Knowing the general direction saves a lot of time. I use Dish Align.