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It Always Happens on a Friday

It is 12:30 pm Friday just south of Ashland, OR. The oil pressure gauge drops to zero. I get a sudden stomach knot and Oh )(%$(^%(&* flashes through my mind as I pull to shoulder and immediately kill the engine.
I have never broken down on a Monday or Tuesday, or been towed to a shop that was not booked weeks out.

Called Coach Net
They called back about an hour later saying they had a tow truck, but it was on another run and won't be there for 6 - 7 hours. Well I am not going anywhere.
I set up the dish to watch a little TV hoping to mask my fear that Serenity's engine my have given her all on I-5.

About 6 hours later, while hoping the tow truck will materialize any minute, Coach Net calls to tell me the tow truck has broken down and they are trying to find another tow service.
The short version - 2 am I am finally attached to a tow truck heading for Medford

I was towed to Oregon Light Truck and RV where I spent the weekend.
They were great. They are booked two weeks out, but they took a look first thing Monday morning. Clint attached a oil pressure gauge directly to the engine and to my great relief the gauge spun up 45 pounds. HOORAY, Serinity lives.

Clint installed a new oil pressure sender and all is well. I was out the door by 11:30 am with an apology for taking so long.  What a terrific shop.


  1. Gotta love those problems that turn out to be not as bad as they could have been! You were lucky to get it repaired so quickly.