Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Ceiling Patterns

We went out with some of Cliff's friends for a casino breakfast. Think cheap, $4, but good. Two eggs, hash browns, two sausages and toast. I became intrigued by the ceiling reflections.


On the Road Again

It was hot and a little pool time felt just right. Rachel attempting to ride the bucking T-Rex


We went over the hill to Monterey Bay. Lunch at Phil's, one of my favorite sea food stops. They catch'em, sell'em and serve'em. 

The food was so enticing, I forgot to take photos. I alway have the calamari appetizer. It is large platter of squid straight up, no sides to get in the way of a delicious meal.

Next we visited the aquarium. My son has a membership, so stopping by for an hour or two is easy. No lines, no hassles. Wonderful day with my family.

I am headed over the Sierra's to visit my friend Cliff in Carson City, NV

It is great to be back on the road again. Sing it Willie.

Cliff and I enjoyed the antique engine fair.
Really beautifully restored cars.

This old two cycle does not have an electric starter.

Great old engines. They all run.

Cliff and I executing our meager self improvement plan

The very tame local peanut gallery watching the fat guy huff and puff


Family Time

I am back in San Jose, CA having a great visit with my son's family.

Ice cream, we all scream for ice cream 

Playing Qwirkle

It's s'more time

Marshmallow done just right

Rachel is a wicked good Qwirkle player. She crushed me 196 to 134.

Emma showing off her new manicure.

Out for a walk. Well I walked.

Rachel takes a fearless 7 meter plunge. I could not make myself jump off the high dive at her age.