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It's Never Simple

Why am I not enjoying the freedom of the open road?

1. On the test drive number 6 and 8 cylinder were missing. New coils, spark plug wires and spark plugs have not solved the problem.

2. After the test drive I detected a small oil leak. Need to check the oil pan gasket.

3. Cheap ass plastic radiator leaking. This will be Serenity's third new radiator. I am having Rod look into an all metal radiator this time.

Maybe rather than being finished any month now, completion may be down to any week now.


Serenity Has Landed

Ace mechanic Wes setting the valves. 

You ask, how did they get the engine out and back into this very tight space. Not through the windshield, but down and out.

Serenity was raised 2.5 feet creating sufficient clearance to drop the engine and roll it out.

How did they raise and lower her.

One brake drum at a time.

Using Serenity's leveling jacks and jack stands she is slowly lowered

The same procedure was used the lower the rear wheels

And the culprit was, an oil cooler line routed through a too tight a space between the block and frame. 

When Wes first started the engine, oil sprayed out of the crack created by a bolt head. 

It will be soooo good to get back on the road. 


Sad Sad Day

In the past couple of weeks Aiden has developed diabetes and the arthritis in his hips has progressed to the point that he has trouble standing. Doing his business has become very difficult.
Today, with great heartbreak, we said good-by to Aiden. Linda loved him sooo much and Riley will miss him too.
Aiden, Irish Setter, and his brother Riley having fun in Nova Scotia