Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Mojave National Preserve

I had a great time with old high school friends reminiscing and swapping lies.

Heading east on I 15

Joshua Trees

Tom and Gary's trailers.  
Serenity is in the shop being checked out for this winters trip to Mexico. 

35.316789  -115.544859

The railroad town of Kelso arose because of the steepness of the grade beyond and the abundance of groundwater below. The Cima Grade was too long and steep for locomotives to pull a train up without assistance. "Helper engines" provided the extra power These engines required a "helper station" including a roundhouse, a wye track for turning around, fuel and plenty of water.

Cliff and I visiting the old restored Kelso depot.

The Depot was built in 1924 and closed its doors in 1985. Concerned citizens stepped in and saved it from destruction.

From the mid 40s too 1985 this strap-steel jail was used go confine dunks and other unruly individuals for a night or two.

I want my lawyer

Tom making his delicious Ancho Pork and Hominy Stew

Thanks for dinner Tom

What happens in the desert, stays in the desert.



Family Time

I am having a great time visiting with my son's family. My two wonderful granddaughters keep me on my toes.

Emma loves karate.

Rachel and I are repairing the fence around the chicken coop.

Derek scored a couple of Sharks seats. He is an avid fan.

Sharky communing with Shark fans

Sharky is a hugger

Preseason game, Sharks lost to Calgary 3-4

Rachel plays a wicked Othello game.