Parque Natural Mexiquillo


It Always Happens on a Friday

It is 12:30 pm Friday just south of Ashland, OR. The oil pressure gauge drops to zero. I get a sudden stomach knot and Oh )(%$(^%(&* flashes through my mind as I pull to shoulder and immediately kill the engine.
I have never broken down on a Monday or Tuesday, or been towed to a shop that was not booked weeks out.

Called Coach Net
They called back about an hour later saying they had a tow truck, but it was on another run and won't be there for 6 - 7 hours. Well I am not going anywhere.
I set up the dish to watch a little TV hoping to mask my fear that Serenity's engine my have given her all on I-5.

About 6 hours later, while hoping the tow truck will materialize any minute, Coach Net calls to tell me the tow truck has broken down and they are trying to find another tow service.
The short version - 2 am I am finally attached to a tow truck heading for Medford

I was towed to Oregon Light Truck and RV where I spent the weekend.
They were great. They are booked two weeks out, but they took a look first thing Monday morning. Clint attached a oil pressure gauge directly to the engine and to my great relief the gauge spun up 45 pounds. HOORAY, Serinity lives.

Clint installed a new oil pressure sender and all is well. I was out the door by 11:30 am with an apology for taking so long.  What a terrific shop.


Whistler Peak

Whistler's E ticket ride, do you remember them, is the gondola ride from Whistler Peak to Blackcomb Peak. In winter it allows transit between ski runs on two adjacent peaks.

Acending Whistler Peak, Whistler Village in the background.

This is going to be fun.


My sister making friends.

The E ticket ride.

Our destination, 2.7 miles away

Hard core skiers

There are two gondolas with transparent floors. We took one for our return trip. Midway we are 1,427 feet above Fitzsimmons Creek. It would be interesting if the entire floor was clear plastic .

Interested in the engineering details. click here

Whistler Mountain and Whistler Village are named for the whistling calls made by marmots that inhabit the alpine regions.


The Birds and the Flowers

The Birds

Pacific Northwest Raptors in Duncan, BC cares for twenty plus species of birds whose habitats cover North and South America plus Europe. They provide an up close and personal experience. 

Barn Owl

One admission lets you have a very very 
up close and personal experience

American Kestrel

and the Flowers

Butchart Gardens is simply stunning. Even a black thumb gardener like myself was mesmerized.

Wendy and grandson David

2,500 varieties grace the rose garden

Little surprises among the ferns

70 summer, 50 winter gardeners create this 55 acre floral masterpiece.


Vancouver BC

We have arrived at the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park.
Sister Wendy, grandchildren Becca & David,
 daughter Maritza and son in law Victor. 
The gangs all here.

This is a live video feed from a nearby creek.

Becca checking out the swamp

This is a wonderful aquarium. 

The next day we were off to Science World.  

Building and testing various glider designs

The nose has it.

Here's the last one



5 seconds later

This climbing wall is circular. If you climb on either side of center, the wall ill slowly rotates down.

David made it to the top

The Science Center has many many great hands on exhibits. Well worth the our day long visit.