Parque Natural Mexiquillo


December Remembrances

San Luis Potosi


Dolores Hidalgo

Good friends, good food

Copper Canyon


Kevin Costner and I 

Parque Natural Mexiquillo

The Vortex

Bob is feeling it.


Turkey Day

 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My son created a delicious green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and salmon. Grandma brought one of her delectible  apple pies.

Mashed potatoes

And the star of the meal....
Environmentally friendly, farm raised salmon from Ora King in New Zealand. 
It was delicious.

It was great to be with at least part of my family. Maybe next year everyone can come.
I hope that you and your family had a lovely Turkey Day


Schmaltzy Granddaughter Post

There is not a lot going on. School all week and then TGIF. Kick back on the weekend and play games with the girls and watch TV.  Oh, and dream about being back on the road.

Emma's favorite activity, Makerspace challenge.
Today it is to build a bridge to support the ball.

Version two, a stronger bridge

Halloween costumes and bingo today.

The girls created a fort between the garage and the fence. 
Their secret hide out.

The neighbor kids were peering though the cracks in the fence to see what was happening.
Their dad called and asked if he could cut a window in the fence. Sure, go ahead.
The opening in covered with Plexiglas and the kids have a great time visiting.

If I could only bottle a that energy... 

I hope that you and your family are well.


More of This and That

We hiked to Summit Rock. 

In by gone days the boys and I used to come up here to play laser tag

Rachel conquering Summit Rock

The view, the view - Silicon Valley. 
You can see the circular Apple headquarters.

Most days smoke from the surrounding fires creates "orangie" ugly gray skies.

One really appreciates the rare blue sky day 

The electrical side of my water heater has not worked for quite a while. It was no big deal since I mostly boondock. Here at the house I am plugged in, so I took a look at it.

The first thing I checked was the thermostat. 
Melted wire could be a problem.

Then I checked the resistance of the heating element.
It should be around 10 ohms, mine was 30 ohms.
Got a new heating element.  Got hot water now.

The tomato plants were taking over the yard.

An hour of bush whacking did the trick

The girls made their own water slide.

At the doctors office. 
This man is serious about protection

Eight weeks in and Emma is crushing 2nd grade
School begins at 8:25.  I have to be up at 8, ready or not. A couple of phrases have reentered my lexicon after a 9 year absence. It is hump day and the all time favorite TGIF.  I can't wait to return to EVERY DAY IS SATURDAY
Do I need to say what Emma's favorite color is?

Emma dancing with her doll.

Rachel's online ballet lesson

I am enjoying family time and life is good. I hope that you are safe.

P.S.  I am still in a steep blogg learning curve. For years comments would not show up on my blog. Then last year they started appearing, why or how I don't know. Then I set it up so that post would show up in my email for approval. Next big aha, TodayI clicked on comments in the lay out/design section and there were 8 comments that has never shown up in my email. I do enjoy hearing from you and apologize for not getting your posts up earlier.


A Little of This and That

This winter I was participating in the Kevin Read Mexico Bootcamp tour. The daily walking and hiking was whipping my flabby body into shape. Then the quarantine hit. Quarantine translates to boredom and self medicating with food. You know where it lead.

My son and family are very active and I have finally started getting some exercise again. On weekends we hike the nearby hills. 

This hike is 2 miles with a 500 foot elevation gain and a gorgeous view.  On the Kevin Read hiking scale it rates maybe a 1.5/10.  Boy am I out of shape. 

Some nice homes in these parts.

Rachel posing for dad

Poison Oak everywhere, but easily avoided

Remnants of what must have been spectacular gardens that surrounded 
 a wealthy San Francisco's summer home back in the day. 

The pay off, a gorgeous view of smoke choked Silicon Valley

I LOVE pizza and first thing I do when returning to the Bay Area is head for Pizza My Heart. Their master pieces the best pizza I have ever had. Many are award winners. My favorite is the delicious  Big Sur with 40 Cloves of Roasted Garlic, Organic Tomato Pizza Sauce, Pepperoni, Sausage, Portobello Mushrooms & Green Onions. If you are ever in the San Jose/Santa Cruz area, treat your palate to the best.  


The girls and I love Battlebots. 
I have not been able watch it since I cancelled my direct TV. 
This is a real treat.


Family Time

 I left Cliff's place in Carson City, thank you,  and headed up into the Sierras to self isolate for two days before arriving at my son's place in San Jose. When I arrived Derek had an antibodies test for me. I tested negative and was good to go. 

Playing Qwirkle with Rachel

It is over a hundred and the pool is greatly appreciated 

Playing Rhino Hero. Not for old guys with fat fingers

Emma, a future Qwirkle Queen

Lets get dad

Parents working online from home.
 Derek works for apple and Adriann is a speech therapist at the local school.

First day of school 

I am helping the girls with their online schooling. Rachel is in 4th and a real self-starter . 

Emma is in second and need a little more help.
Boy am I glad I am not teaching anymore. 
Teaching over a computer is tough.

Celebrating the first week of school with a game of Qwirkle. 
Adriann won and Emma, the future Qwirke queen, was second.