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Family Time

 I left Cliff's place in Carson City, thank you,  and headed up into the Sierras to self isolate for two days before arriving at my son's place in San Jose. When I arrived Derek had an antibodies test for me. I tested negative and was good to go. 

Playing Qwirkle with Rachel

It is over a hundred and the pool is greatly appreciated 

Playing Rhino Hero. Not for old guys with fat fingers

Emma, a future Qwirkle Queen

Lets get dad

Parents working online from home.
 Derek works for apple and Adriann is a speech therapist at the local school.

First day of school 

I am helping the girls with their online schooling. Rachel is in 4th and a real self-starter . 

Emma is in second and need a little more help.
Boy am I glad I am not teaching anymore. 
Teaching over a computer is tough.

Celebrating the first week of school with a game of Qwirkle. 
Adriann won and Emma, the future Qwirke queen, was second.


  1. Nice to be visiting with Family.
    Things have changed since we went to school.
    Now having to do On-line learning would be even harder.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. This online learning is a whole new ballgame.
      Thanks for stopping by
      Stay safe

  2. Nice to see you're doing well! Miss you!