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Helping Out

Visiting with my old friend Cliff. We have known each other since high school. Cliff usually  has a project that I can help him with. This visit it is a new dish washer.


We removed Cliff's old dish washer, measured the opening and head to Home Depot.

Out with the old
The old unit had a small leak that caused part of the flooring to come up. We dried it out and glued the piece back in place.
New unit out of the box

Back to Home Depot for an adapter to hooking up the water line. I usually figure any project requires 3-5 trips back to the store.


The replaced flooring set up over night and we begin installation. 
Wiring in the power cord

Cliff hooking up the drain

Paper towel on the floor checking for leaks.

No leaks in the water supply line. No leaks with the test wash. Cliff is good to go. Amazingly, this project took only ONE trip back to the store for one fitting.

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