Parque Natural Mexiquillo


The Big City

Got some shopping to do. Off to the Gilbert Apple store. My drive only has 2.8 GB free space and I am getting all kinds of rude message.

Genius Rachel is checking my drive. She is just back from training in Cupertino. She is really sharp. Conclusion, my best move is to transfer my photo library, 54 GB, to an external drive.  

New 500 GB G drive. Look at this little guy. The 5 KB drive for my Apple IIe was the size a cigar box. I now have 54 GB of free disk space so my programs will run more smoothly. 

New basket from World Market. The bottom dropped out of my old magazine holder.

Then off to another Triple D eatery.

Very nice dining al fresco

I had the Fontina Burger w/ onion rings. Natural beef patty, roasted red pepper, grilled mushrooms, 
field greens, farm-made pecan pesto and fontina. Guy nailed this one.

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