Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Boat Fresh Shrimp

Word rapidly spread through Port Aransas that the shrimp boat would be in Wednesday with fresh caught shrimp. Right on time the Polly Anna docked as the locals lined up with their coolers. Word is the captain fishes sporadicly. Everyone in town watches the black board to see when he will selling fresh shrimp.

Linda gets her 3 pounds, $18.


Getting our exercise walking the mile long jetty.

Duane, Linda, Bill and Paul head out. 

Midway rest.

The original concrete jetty built in 1940 is badly deteriorated and breached in several locations. Recently it was strengthened with large granite blocks. I don't think there is any granite in Texas, it must have been imported. 

It must have been quite a storm to toss this V8 engine and
transom up here. 

Bill, Paul and I finished the Jetty Death March.

Now for the one mile return.

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