Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Copper Canyon

It was a short 30 mile drive up to Copper Canyon and one the most spectacular boondocking spots in the world.  Six separate canyons form a canyon system that is deeper and larger than the Grand Canyon, but the Grand Canyon is larger than any individual canyon here. The Grand Canyon is billions of years old and Copper Canyon is young being only a few to 10 million years old.

On the road to Copper Canyon

25 pesos per person to enter

First amazing view of the canyon

Hotel on the rim. 
This is where the train stops and passengers have a meager 15 minutes to see the canyon

We are parked right on the canyon rim with a view to die for.

Roy and Sue on the paved path that follows the canyon rim.

Qwirkle on the rim with Sue and Roy

Sunrise the next morning

We walked around the canyon rim to the zip line and gondola ride.

The gondola and the zip line go out to this promontory.

Ruth and Sue gingerly walking across the glass floor above the discovery challenge 

The eight intrepid zip liners geared up

Ruth waiting to be launched

An away she goes. Two miles at speed up to 60 mph. 
This is the second longest zip line in the world

I just know she has a big grin on her face

I took the gondola. 

Homes and farms of the indigenous Tarahumara.

Love the bright colored clothing

Brave souls transversing the discovery course

They have a ways to go

They are all roped into cables that run along the canyon wall

Everyone giving a shout out for a great time at Copper Canyon

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