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Durango is the capital of the state of Durango with a population of 654,000 plus citizens. I was founded in 1563 by the Spanish Basque explorer Francisco de Ibarra. We spent a very enjoyable day exploring the city.

Beautiful obelisk near the central plaza.

A church that had been renovated for its' 450 year anniversary .

Many movies have been filmed in this area, several of them westerns. There is a street with stars and statues honoring some of the actors who created movies here.

Me and Kevin Costner

Me and the Duke

We spotted a taco stand down by the market with a many patrons. We figured it would be good.

Tacos Barbacoa, delicious.  

Everyone enjoying their lunch

The Cathedral Basilica of Durango completed in the middle of the 18th century. Note the modern, not period correct clock on the right bell tower.

Very colorful neighborhood on a distant hill

We rode the gondola up to the top of a high hill. 

Interesting tower. No idea what its function is.

When one goes up, one must come down. We decided to walk down from the hill top to a park below.

It was Sunday and many families were enjoying a day in the park.

There were many types of carnival games

This is an internet cafe bus permanently parked in the park

I saw this tree while walking back to the central plaza to catch our ride back to camp

Setting up a Christmas village

Waiting for our ride to arrive.

Fun Fun Fun

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  1. If you were in the Middle East, I'd say that tower was a minaret. In colonial Mexico, there probably was still Islamic influences.