Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Puerto Vallarta

My auto park brake on Serenity has been leaking. I had be topping of the fluid which was getting me through the days drive. But in Durango the leak became so bad that I could not generate enough pressure to disengage the parking brake. I disabled the parking brake for the drive over to Mazatlan. I decided that I would leave the group and head for Puerto Vallarta were my sister and her daughter's family live. Vallarta is a large town and hopefully I can repair Serenity there.
I got there Friday and my sister's son in law at lined-up a mechanic to look at the brake system on Monday.

Sunday we all went out on Victor's boat.

Rebecca and David's favorite spot

We saw these Bottle Nose dolphin and two other species. We also saw turtles, yellow and black banded sea snakes and whales in the distance, 

I am King of the World

My niece Maritza and her husband Victor, "Yiyo".

I caught a beautiful Durado


We pulled into playa las Animas several miles south of Vallarta.

For a small price you can have your picture taken with an Iguana 

The El Coral Restaurant cooked up one fillet, half butter and garlic and the rest breaded.

Everyone enjoyed the meal. What a great day on the water.
Thank you Yiyo.

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  1. What a great day and what a great catch! Glad you had fun and I hope your repair is going well and that we will see you soon.