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I've Been to the Slabs

Before Serenity blew her engine, I had visited the fabled Slabs. (33.258368, -115.460441) Stories of this abandoned military base are woven through out RV culture. Camp Dunlap was constructed in 1942 to train marines. Decommissioned in 1949,  all buildings and structures were removed, leaving the cement foundations. Now known as the The Slabs and having no restrictions, many people migrated to this "Last Free Place". NPR broadcast

Slabs are prime real estate here. 

There is an eclectic cross section of humanity living here.

People use scavenged materials to define their space.
Some squaters have repurposed what the military left behind.
No visit to the slabs is complete without experiencing Salvation Mountain. It was created by Leonard Knight (1931-2014) using adobe, straw and thousands of gallons of donated lead free paint. 

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