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Getting Things Done

The sail and limit switches arrived.  The furnace has been consistently lighting so I will add them to my spare parts bin.

One of the AC vents was rusting. I cleaned it with my Dremel tool and gave it a nice coat of paint. 

Fixing Serenity's boo boo.

A casual glance, not too bad 

Up close, not so good.

BUT! the price was right. 

Serenity's front jack was not holding. Yet another %&)_^#! thing that needs repair. This one turned out to be refreshing simple, The manual retraction valve was open a smidgen. It must have been bumped something I carry in that compartment.

And a new AC, just in time for summer.


  1. It might be wise to make a box that will protect the Retraction Valve so you stop having the same problem.
    Some Rubbing Compound should be able to blend the repair with the older paint.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It;s about time.

    1. Thanks for the good ideas. I will give them a try.