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Tango a Jersey Girl

Tango got out last night and went under the rig. All the sweet talk in the world did not entice her to come out. So I resorted to telling her what a bad decision this was and how much she would hate NJ.
She remained firmly convinced that she was in the right spot. Oh Well. I went in and watched TV, opening he door every half hour and calling her. Three hours later good sense, or maybe the cold and rain, prevailed and she came in. :)

Moving up to Westwood, NJ tomorrow. There is a lot of negative information out there about driving RVs on the parkways. We have been researching all week.
1. Yes we can drive the rigs on the Garden State Parkway. Confusion was that you can not drive RVs on the NY parkways
2. Concern that the underpasses were not high enough. Clearance on the Garden State is 13.5 feet. Good to go. NY parkways have 10 foot clearances, not so good. But we are not going into NY

I had heard about the terrible traffic in the northeast corridor and now that I have found it to be true, I will never say a bad word about LA traffic again. I will be soooo happy when we cross into Vermont.

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