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This and That

Allen wood General Store  (40.14219, -74.10124)

Bob wanted to introduce us to New Jersey's national meat, Pork Roll. Enjoyed the length and breadth of New Jersey. Think a big roll of mystery meat. It is very good. 

I introduced Adelle and Paul to food trucks

Two of the best Tacos I have ever eaten. As good as Pepe's in Vallarta, MX

New Jersey Oddities

If you sell New Jersey property and move out of state, NJ assesses a 7% tax on the sale. If you stay in state there is no tax. 

Jug handles - There are no left hand turn lanes on the major streets. You use the jug handle by driving through the signal in the right hand lane, just past the signal you turn right onto the jug hand. It is a short road that curves around to the street you want to turn left onto and you continue down that street. I know, clear as mud. Maybe this photo will help.

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