Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Carson City NV

I am visiting with my friend Cliff.

Cliff and I out tackling his 1 mile circuit. 
There are really nice trails winding through his neighborhood

Serenity needs a little TLC

New washers for a drippy faucet.

And this is why no air is coming out my defroster vents.

All better.

The water heater's anode rod still has some life left in it.

Occasionally  Serenity spits out one of the  pop rivets that keeps her lower panels in place.

All better

Out for a nice three mile walk.


  1. Nice fix under the dash for the new vent tubing. Had to be pretty cramped under there, but the result looks good.

    1. It was not as bad as it looks. The two tubes attach to a fitting on the firewall. It was held in place by four easily accessible screws. I removed it and then attached the new tubes.

  2. Was in Carson City in October 2019 doing road trip on 395. We turned around after visiting Virginia City and travel through the deserts of Nevada into Death Valley and on to Phoenix and home.

    1. Hwy 395 is a great drive up the back side of the Sierra's and Virginia City is a lot of fun