Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Drifting North

A triple digit heat wave is a great motivator to pick up the pace. I decided to head for the Sierra Nevada mountains. I made the trip in speedy two days

I overnighted east of Lake Mead

Day two passing through Las Vegas

It is a bit windy

Ahh, the Sierras are in sight

Now this more like it. What a gorgeous view to wake up to. 
I even turned on the furnace this morning.
37.335737  -118.528125


  1. The Eastern Sierras are a favorite vacation spot. I've read that many places and campgrounds are opening up. ENJOY!

    1. You bet Jeff. 395 is one of my favorite highways all the way up to Washington

  2. I follow several bloggers traveling up and down highway 395. Last fall in October, sister, niece and I took a road trip via 395 up to Carson, NV and on to Virginia City. Wow, what an amazing trip...loved it. I want to return and maybe do the rest of 395 although I followed Tioga George before he passed away up 395 to the Canadian border...mostly desert until you get close to border.

    1. I also followed George. He was a real inspiration to all boondocks.