Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Quarantine Week Ten

Life is good. My family and friends are all healthy. Things are still a little crazy in the states, so I have decided to stay a little longer. Days pass easily helping my sister with projects around her house and playing Qwirkle. Week by week her game is improving. Our games have evolved from me annihilating her to just winning more games. On the entertainment side, there are still a few Netflix shows worth watching. I keep hoping Netflix will air another season of Expanse or Lost in Space.

Cars with placards were lined up for a couple of kilometers along the hi way. I assume there is going to be a protest drive through Vallarta expressing their dislike of Mexico's president.

Shade trumps safe social distancing. 
But no one lost their place in line
Seen on Facebook. 

Vallarta has many beautiful murals

Mosaics gone wild at the local park

I especially like this one. It is on the side of a house near my sister's home. 

Stay Safe