Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Puerto Peñasco

I am down in Puerto Penascco, Mexico with the WINs. This is my go to spot for body work. I was quoted 6 to 8 thousand in the state to powder Serenity's nose. I will be $500 down here and look just great.

There is a wide, gently sloping beach in front of the RV park here. Great for nice long walks. 

Interesting white crab. It may live in a burrow.

There are many small marine snails here.

Serenity is getting the spa treatment. A whole body wash and wax. Body work come next.

Doesn't she look great

Out for the $5 breakfast. The WINs love a deal.

Great idea


  1. Curious about the body work. It will all be revealed I am sure!