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Drifting South

The weather made me do it. The night before I departed Carson City, Serenity's plumbing survived a 20 degree night. The forecast for the following night was 10 degrees. I decided not to push my luck, said goodby to my friend Cliff and headed south.
Out of Nevada I choose an old surviving section of historic route 66 from Kingman to Ash Fork.

It was a beautiful back road with limited traffic and no trucks.

My travel plan was to go through Flagstaff to Holbrook on the truck infested interstate. At Holbrook I would again traverse the quite back roads to Roswell, NM

I found a nice quite over night spot on route 66
35.279594, -112.698732

Plans change. My morning hygiene routine was squashed by frozen water pipes. Not a drop was to be had. *^%^&*I*  When I reached Ash Fork I turned due south and didn't stop until I was southeast of Phoenix. Luckily Serenity's pipes were not damaged.

Heading toward Glob on hwy 60

Great little spot if you don't count the 3.5 mile washboard road. This is Cluff Ranch pond 3. I had planned to spend a few days here, but only spent one night because there is no cell signal.
32.805539, -109.861788

A great spot above Stafford with a cell signal.
32.679716, -109.779123  

I had some visitors today. 

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  1. Wow. We took a road trip tent camping up highway 395 mid October. Temperatures plummeted down to 25 degrees with frost on ground, car, and tent. We were toasty warm in our sleeping bags. Took us 30 minutes to break camp and pack. We camped in paid camp grounds so had hot showers and facilities including hot coffee in a.m. At one camp ground we had a camp fire going cuz chill from lake hit us. Nice trip up to Carson City then to Lake Tahoe (stayed in hotel due to rain) and back down highway 95 which we didn't like until we high Death Valley.