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Nevada Days

Carson City is the state capital and the annual Nevada Day celebration. There is a pancake breakfast at the governors mansion, a free chili feed hosted by U.S. Senator Jackie Rosen, a hot air balloon launch, a parade, a beard contest....  You get the idea, a very big deal.

The single jack drilling contest. Each contestant has 10 minutes swinging a 4.5 pound hammer to drill the deepest hole they can into to this block of white granite.

The small water tank continuously fills the drill hole with water. With each blow the water splashes out of the drill hole, carrying granite chips with its 

Each contestant is allow 12 drill stills. Each steel is about and inch and half longer. The driller changes out the steels as the hole deepens so their blows are as similar and repetitive at possible. Also the next longer steel has a slightly small diameter. 

A home made steel guard protects the hand holding the steel. 
Emmit Hoyl drove his steels an astounding 13 and 28/32 into the very dense white granite in 10 minutes for the win.

Love the old cars

My buddy Cliff volunteers at the state museum. For Nevada Days he operates the 150 year old Carson City Mint's coin press that minted silver dollars until 1893. Today he is pressing commemorative coins. When minting silver dollars, blanks were loaded into the hopper on the left and shinny new silver dollars where pressed at the rate of 100 per minute. 

Vistitors buy a .999% pure silver blank for $60

A few seconds of 120 tons of pressure and presto

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