Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Family Time

I had a great visit with my son's family.

Emma showing me her latest dance moves

Rachel trumped me by 20 points

Emma is in 1st and reads like a 3rd grader

After having a wonderful time with my son's family, I am drifting toward Texas to meet up with this winters Mexico caravan. We will cross the border Nov 16th at Presido TX.  We will be touring MX for four and a half wonderful months.

I have stopped in Carson City to visit my friend Cliff and get Serenity serviced. She had a slow leak at the filler tube. The leak was repaired without having to remove the radiator.

There is and extensive network of trails around Cliff's house. I am out on my morning walk trying to get in better shape for MX. We will be dong a lot of walking.

Some spectators along the way

The roads in MX are rough and last year I often found all my hanging cloths on the bottom of the closet. 

I cut a piece of 3 inch plastic pip in half. 

Cut to length

Add 3 clamps

Hopefully my cloths will remain on the bar this winter.

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