Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Into Mexico

I met up with the rest of the caravan in Alpine, TX. I was concerned that Serenity was leaking brake fluid, but it turned out to be nothing. For a different view of this trip, check out Travel with Kevin and Ruth and Martha's blog, Winnie Wanglers Away.

Planned route

Rolling down hwy 67 to Presideo to cross the border.

A gentle reminder on the US side.

That's it, the Rio Grande

The easiest border crossing ever.

An official came out and collected all of our passports.

Waiting our turn. Kevin came by and collected 500 pesos each from us for the permits. About 15-20 minutes later they started calling us up one by one. The visitors permits were all filled in, all we had to do was sign them. DONE 

One the way to Chihuahua there is a very small national park with Canon del Peguis cutting through it.  29.506681, -104.765564

We are in a large parking adjacent to a beautiful city park. 
28.655625  -106.083820

This is a complete little city. I am guessing it is to teach children the rules of the road.

The park has great facilities that are well used.

There are many people getting their daily exercise.

Its great to be in Mexico again. We are now on the fun side of the wall
Viva Mexcio

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  1. It will be fun to follow your blog which will give us a little different perspective from our friends Kevin and Ruths blog. Safe and fun filled travels!!