Parque Natural Mexiquillo


One Week Down, One to Go

Pouring the slab on the second house

The trusses arrived a day late.

The ladies are going to frame the second house while we men set the trusses on the first house.
Kathy, Pamela, & Sue (l-r) start the layout for the bottom plates. 

Jo-Ann, Sue and Steven, Jo-Ann's grandson, begin the framing by nailing together king and jack studs for the doors. 


By days end the ladies, 6 in all, had framed a perfect wall. Notches had to be cut for a number of water pipes and bolts coming out of the slab. They were all in right place when we raised the wall.   

Top hand Scotty choosing a board. This is Scotty's 63rd build

Scotty doing some layout
Ace carpenters Tommy and Robert installing the top plates. The trusses will rest on the plates.

The nubie installing bracing for the trusses.

All but 4 trusses installed by days end, Wednesday. We spent Thursday installing all the bracing and metal brackets needed to secure the roof to the walls  Friday we did not work due to rain.


It is great working with this group of very talented people. They really know their stuff. Most of them participate in 4 or 5 builds a year. 

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