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Habitat Build in Port Townsend

Arrived Saturday at the county fair grounds.(48.13176, -122.78407)  Not bad and I scored an end of row spot.

Sunday I went exploring. Most of the building along the water front were build in the 1880's and house some really neat shops.

Flowers everywhere

Don't you just want to take him home

Fish and chips for lunch

Good fresh Cod, but lack luster frozen fries

Sunday afternoon we went to the dedication the new house next to our build that a mother and daughter are moving into. Their whole family was there to celebrate with them.

There are 14 people on the build. Clint and Kathy who just returned from 2 years in Belize for the Peace Core and myself are the only newbies on this build. All the others have been coming for years. What a great group of very talented people.

Build Day One
The volunteers before up had framed the exterior walls and sheathed most of them with OSB. Our goals were to finish the sheathing, put on a double top plate and frame the interior walls. We have a very experienced crew and we knocked it out.

Getting ready to frame the interior walls.

Morning break. Let me tell you how sweet Oregon strawberries are. Not as big as CA berries, but much sweeter. The Habitat affiliate really takes good care of us.

Kathy and Jo-Ann making sure the door opening are the correct size.

Quitting time. The trusses come tomorrow.

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  1. What a beautiful place for a build! Hope you are enjoying it. How long will you be there? ;-) me