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Galveston's Grand Old Ladies

These are a few of the magnificent homes that survived the 1900 hurricane that leveled Galveston and killed an estimated 6000 people.

The Moody Mansion was completed in 1895.

Peeking through the window. We did not tour this house.

Notice how plain the back side of the house is.

Neighborhood houses decorated for Mardi Gras

The statue dedicated to the 1900 hurricane


 The Bishop's Palace
This home was designed by Nicholas Clayton for Walter Gresham and his wife Josephine. Completed in 1892 it passed through the Great Storm of 1900 with little damage. The home was purchased in 1923 by the Catholic Church for the Archbishop.

After the hard job of touring the Grand Old Ladies of Galveston, we went to lunch at the Gumbo Bar.

My fist bowl of seafood gumbo. It was delicious. 

I enjoyed their art.

Out side Joyce points out the water level of the various hurricanes that have hit Galveston. 

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