Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Out and About

The WINs are a great group to travel with because they always have interesting activities. Our latest outings were to the Model Train Depot and Pistachio Land.

We all took a ride

This early model train is steam powered.

Margret checking out the model train collection

One of the smaller train tables.

This is a steam powered locomotive

Australian train set.
Bill checking out the N scale train table.

Early advertising that you would never see today.

A very large HO gage train table

Yes, they did have other examples of early train advertising, but it was not as photogenic.

Billed as the worlds largest pistachio. It remends me of the OJ stands on CA why 99 when I was a kid. The juice stand was a large orange. 

Our guide is tell use that there is 1 male tree for every 18 female trees. 

The male flower

The female flower is wind pollenated, and NM has wind in spades.

Pistachio trees are native to the middle east. They need lousy soil, intense heat, wind for pollination and a little water. New Mexico is a perfect environment. 97% of pistachios are grown in CA, 2% in AZ and less than 1% here. More than 1,200 trees grow at Pistachio Land on 95 acres.

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  1. Fabulous. I love pistachio seeds.....yum yum. Hi Garth, how are you and what is happening and where exactly are you now and what are your plans over next 5 months? Miss you. Hope all is well. Photo stories are great. Yes, I would love to be on the road!! Colleen in Canada