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Sean Visit

I visited with my younger son Sean in San Diego. If you have to live in Southern California, San Diego is as good as it gets. He teaches graphics at San Diego City College. They have a really nice campus right in down town San Diego.

Sean is very excited about the new graphic arts building they will be moving into next month. Previously, graphic arts was housed in one of the oldest, nondescript, buildings on campus

l -r My sister Wendy, Sean and his girl friend Leanna. 

Campus quad.

Sean designed these banners seen around campus

The back side of the new Graphic Arts building

The new Science building. 

The new construction at SDCC is very interesting and exciting.

Sean gave us a tour of the nearby, new, state-of-the-art city library.

I love these front windows

I really needed my wide angle lens to do the stunning lobby justice.

Eighth floor reading room
Reading room ceiling
A cozy spot to read

What a great resource for the people of San Diego. 

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