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Tasty Kimballs

Linda and I are back at Kimball Farms feasting on their delicious lobster rolls. A little over a year ago I had my first lobster roll here. Linda said at the time that Kimballs had the best lobster rolls in New England. As I traveled north to the Maritimes with the WINs last year, I frequently tested her hypothesis. Conclusion - she was right.

Isn't she cute
Look at all that lobster. I have been looking forward
to this gastronomical delight for a year now.

Richard over at Richard's Travels is having a great time at the WIN gathering in Gig Harbor. WINs sure do know how to have a good time.
Al over at The Bayfield Bunch is having a great positive cash flow day. He sold the Winnie.


  1. Damn!, those Lobster Rolls look good, almost want to get back in the motor home and head East! Paul Aakervik.

    1. They might be worth the drive. Linda says you are welcome any time.