Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Tale of Woe

I have not posted because my computer refused to connect with my hot spot. I got messages like "Wifi hardware not installed". Numerous restarts and running diagnostics was fruitless. Finally I reached civilization, my brothers place in Headsburg, and I made an appointment at the genius bar in Santa Rosa. You know what happened next. My computer was soooo intimidated by the geniuses, it hooked right up to the Apple store wifi. Ms. Genius ran diagnostics and found nothing wrong. Back at my brothers and no longer cowed into submission, IT felt free to display yet again the non functioning X in the wifi icon .

So here are the photos that I have not been able to post.

Winchester Bay marina (map) $15 night

803 pounds of fresh salmon. One of many bins off loaded

Boondocked south of Humbug Mt. (map)

Can you say, Higher Gas Prices forthcoming
Gold Bluff Beach

Gold Bluff Beach Campground. (map) $17.50 night 

Large herds of Roosevelt Elk inhabit the area

At the mouth of the Navarro River

Taking a walk in the vineyards encompassing my brothers home

Judith and my sister-in-law Ann sampling the Zinfandel grapes
These grapes are so sweet. They make you want to
swear off table grapes forever.

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