Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Koren Taco :-)

Finally made it to the yummy Kogi food truck. I have always enjoyed food trucks and think they have some the best food anywhere.

My sister Wendy holding our place at the front of the line

Chicken Taco, 4th fav and Spicy Pork, 3rd fav.

"Chicken marinated in a light ginger-soy marinade and grill twice to caramelize the way good chicken should."   "Our special blend of pork belly, butt and shoulder is massaged with our sweet and spicy gochujang marinade and dialed back with a lusciously subtle heat."

Spicy Chilaquiles, a special  Wendy's 1st  my 2nd choice

Sweet Chili Chicken Quesadilla Wendy's 2nd, my 1st choice
"Caramelized onions, chicken and our sweet and spicy salsa naranja join forces with our crisp and chewy flour tortillas generously stuffed with ooey gooey jack and cheddar cheeses. It’s then topped with toasted crushed sesame seeds."  

We ordered first and by the time we got our food the line was 30 minutes long. The food delicious. 

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