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The Huntington

I am back in LA awaiting Serenity's completion. My sister and I visited the Huntington Library yesterday. The art collection is impressive and the grounds are beautiful.

In 1910 Henry Edwards Huntington retired to his 500 acre ranch called San Marino Ranch following a very successful career in real-estate and transportation in Los Angeles. In 1913 he married for the second time to his uncle's widow, Arabella Huntington. She and Henry were avid art collectors and amassed the greatest group of 18th century British portraits ever assembled by any one man. The estate and works of art were opened to the public in 1928, a year after Henry's passing.

The Huntington's hoe
Country living at it's best

The gardens represent several different bioms. Desert, Jungle, Subtropical, Australian and there are also formal rose and herb gardens. The conservatory is home to many exquisite orchids. 

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