Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Black Canyon, Bottom to Top

We first took the Morrow Point Boat Tour of the Black Canyon's upper region. To reach the boat berthed deep in the canyon you descend 232 steps, remembering with each step that you will have to climb back up ....

.... then you stroll three quarters of a mile along the old narrow gauge railroad bed to the boat. From 1882 to 1949 the Rio Grande Railroad carried freight and passengers through the Black Canyon.

Adolescent Bald Eagle

Curecanti Needle

Sara shared her extensive know of the canyons
geology, flora, and fauna
A few days later I saw Black Canyon from the south rim.

Looking down 2700 feet from Pulpit Rock

Devils Lookout

The ancient sea bed was subjected to extreme pressure and heat 5 miles deep in the curst. This metamorphic Schist and Gneiss later fractured and magma squeezed up from below to fill the cracks. These pink pegmatite dikes are harder than the surrounding black metamorphic rock

Painted Wall View

What a canyon!!

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